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The Advantage: with only 12 colours in a set (inclusive of black) a respective theme can be fully covered. No need to use additional colours. Furthermore, your own COPIC colour range will be continuously expanded with every further acquisition of a set. Gradually, an always increasing COPIC colour spectrum is for your disposal.
Summer sets 20 075 707
B26 Cobalt Blue
B32 Pale Blue
E25 Caribe Cocoa
G19 Bright Parrot Green
R02 Flesh
R05 Salmon Red
RV19 Red Violet
RV29 Crimson
V17 Amethyst
Y08 Acid Yellow
YG25 Celadon Green
100 Black
Autumn sets 20 075 708
E15 Dark Suntan
E19 Redwood
E27 Africano
E35 Chamois
Y15 Cadmium Yellow
Y17 Golden Yellow
Y38 Honey
YR02 Light Orange
YR18 Sanguine
YR24 Pale Sepia
YG41 Pale Green
100 Black
Winter sets 20 075 709
B00 Frost Blue
B12 Ice Blue
B23 Phthalo Blue
B24 Sky Blue
B37 Antwerp Blue
BG11 Moon White
BV00 Mauve Shadow
BV23 Grayish Lavender
C1 Cool Gray
C3 Cool Gray
E40 Brick White
100 Black
-see Colourchart

Skin tones 20 075 705
E00 Skin White
E04 Lipstick Natural
E11 Barely Beige
E21 Baby Skin Pink
E35 Chamois
E37 Sepia
R02 Flesh
R20 Blush
R32 Peach
YR02 Light Orange
0 Colorless Blender
100 Black
Bright sets 20 075 702
B06 Peacock Blue
B29 Ultramarine
E37 Sepa
G07 Nile Green
G16 Malachite
R08 Vermilion
R27 Cadmium Red
RV09 Fuchsia
V06 Lavender
Y06 Yellow
YR07 Cadmium Orange
100 Black
Pastel sets 20 075 704
B02 Robin’s Egg Blue
B21 Baby Blue
BG02 New Blue
BV31 Pale Lavender
G02 Spectrum Green
E13 Light Suntan
E21 Baby Skin Pink
E31 Brick Beige
RV34 Dark Pink
V12 Pale Lilac
Y08 Acid Yellow
100 Black
Spring sets 20 075 706
B01 Mint Blue
B04 Tahitian Blue
B16 Cyanine Blue
G82 Spring Dim Green
R08 Vermilion
RV13 Tender Pink
RV14 Begonia Pink
Y02 Canary Yellow
Y21 Buttercup Yellow
YG17 Grass Green
YG23 New Leaf
100 Black
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