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The COPIC MULTILINER SP shows colour! A selection of 12 finely-tuned colour nuances enlarges the range of applications. Identical in construction with the monochrome Multiliner SP, the colour version is available with a precise 0,3 mm nib or a silky smooth brush nib. Measuring up to the artistic point of view as well as the technical aspect the coloured version of the Multiliner offers multiple applications: In combination with COPIC marker renderings, for sketching and illustrating, coloured writing and fancy calligraphy through the brush nib. The coloured Multiliner SP can also be used for exact cross hatches, for drawing coloured borders and descriptions on plans and technical drawings.
The MULTILINER SP Color "Creative set" is inclusive of a wallet filled with 12 colours each in 0,3 mm and with brush nib
The "Creative set" offers true value added with the free wallet:
In attractively designed package
Inclusive of a free wallet, the flexible storage bag for 24 pens
Completely loaded with 24 Multiliner SP „Color“ (2 x 12 colours each with a 0,3 mm nib and a brush nib)
Colour selection: Cobalt, Sky blue, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Wine, Turquoise, Olive, Pink, Red, Sepia, Cool Grey.

Art.No. Description
23075 500 MULTILINER SP Color "Creative-Set"

Multiliner „SP Color“ 12 pc. set
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