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Loaded with 12 COPIC markers
RAZOR is probably one of the most well-known German train bombers. RAZOR panels stand mostly for a super combination of colours, top styles and an extravagant technique. For more than a decade, RAZOR has counted himself to be among the "Creme de la Creme" of German writings. Together with its crew COLORS ON STEEL, we saw sensational productions running mostly through the far north. Reason enough to develop a COPIC writerset with RAZOR, because the writer from the far north is well-known for his sketches and drawings.
Colour selection: B23, E31, C5, Y17, Y08, G99, C2, YG25, RV04, B21, R29, 110

Loaded with 12 COPIC markers
If he appears in a sketching session in a Berlin shop 200 writers gather instantly and want to learn skills from Germany's most diverse sketcher. The sketches of Kacao made it even as poster themes in various magazines. He loves to recount in large scale his stories in connection with his unique "wildstyle".
Colour selection: Y02, Y17, YR09, YG07, C4, R59, RV04, B02, B39, BV08, 0, 110

Loaded with 12 COPIC markers
He is respected as one among the 5 most well-known writers of the world. The writer from the German town of Mainz made his way to countless voyages throughout the world and belongs today among the most important members of the Montana writer's team. His incomparable character and his distinctive and effective style are likely to be seen in "Jams" and in magazines.
Colour selection: Y02, Y08, E19, E25, E39, B04, B06, B26, B37, G14, G24, 110

Loaded with 12 COPIC markers
MOAs finest. MR.MAKS is most wanted having only a few cities left in his itinerary which he had not visited. Rome, Berlin, Heidelberg, Amsterdam, Moscow, Prague, Milan, name it and chances are he has already set foot in it, his colourful panels travelling across Europe. His own style is a feast for the eye all the time. Keep on rockin with the MR.MAKS 12 pc. set.
Colour selection: YR18, R59, E57, E59, YG13, Y17, BG05, BG10, BG45, B26, B39, 110

Loaded with 36 COPIC markers
We don't have to write much more about Maclaim. If one talks about photo realistic themes in combination with vectorized graphics and specifically worked out by "the boys", one ends up automatically with the boys from the German state of Thüringen. Additionally, there are these incomparable characters of Akut or the unique style of Rusk. We compiled for you the Maclaim set, it contains all skin tones, warm and cool gray colours, etc.
Colour selection: N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5, N6, W2, B21, BV23, YR09, 100, C0, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C6, Y11, Y02, Y08, E00, E04, E09, E11, E13, E19, E21, E25, E31, E33, E34, E35, E44, E57
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