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COPIC ciao Manga set loaded with 36 selected
COPIC ciao markers


Manga set Inga Semisow
The young mangaka and graphic designer Inga Semisow discovered at the age of 12 her passion for Manga figures. She developed a beginner's set particularly for COPIC ciao.
ciao colours: C1, C3, C5, W1, W3, W5, 100, Y15, Y17, YR00, YR04, YR07, YR23, R29, R59, BV00, BV02, BV31, B00, B02, B05, B23, B32, BG15, BG49, G17, YG03, YG06, E00, E11, E29, E31, E33, E35, E49, E57

loaded with 20 COPIC ciao markers
ciao colours: E00, E21, E71, R22, YG95, G85, W7, Y28, BV23, B97, B39, G99, BG93, B95, RV95, YR20, YR02, E49, R59, 100
Manga themes sets by Alexandra Kopetzky

Discovered through a COPIC drawing competition entdeckt, having a website of her own, various awards in different Manga magazines and an exhibition in September 2006 in Vienna, the young Mangaka Alexandra Kopetzky has made a name for herself.

She was engaged to create exclusively for COPIC ciao brand new sets for themes popular in the Manga scene such as: Daemons, Devil, School uniforms, Witch and Love.

All marker colours used by Alexandra for the different packaging labels are included in the respective sets. Young creative artists will be inspired by their favorite themes to start drawing right away.

Manga set "School uniforms“
loaded with 12 COPIC ciao markers
ciao colours: RV29, R59, Y17, C3, E53, YG95, BG09, YR16, YR23, E00, E21,100
Manga set "Witch“
loaded with 12 COPIC ciao markers
ciao colours: E00, E21, YR16, V06, Y08, BV08, R22, R85, C3, V12, E31, 100
Manga set "Damons“
loaded with 7 COPIC ciao markers
ciao colours: G21, E51, E50, G85, R59, R46, 100
Manga set "Devil“
loaded with 7 COPIC ciao markers
ciao colours: YR04, YR00, R17, R59, RV29, YR02, 100

COPIC ciao six + one "Highschool set“ loaded
with 7 COPIC ciao markers and Manga drawing lesson
ciao colours: 100, R35, BV31, B97, YG63, E00, E35
"Highschool set" by Janine Trapp
"With COPIC ciao you can learn how professional quality Mangas can be drawn!“

The wide world of comics is the basis for this series. Comic profis developed for you a set with the theme „Highschool". Comic and Manga lovers benefit from this series through the different topics and the carefully selected marker colours. But this is not yet all. The set contains a comic drawing lesson in the form of collector cards. Comic profis show step-by-step, simple but effective techniques and reveal helpful tips and tricks. „Just be seduced into the world of the profis!"
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