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Start with sketches before airbrushing. After you’ve decided on a final artwork, ink the pencil drawing.
Discover that various effects can be achieved if:
the broad end of the marker is loaded normally.
the broad end is upside down
or the Super Brush nib is used
See what happens if you spray with the air grip at close distance
at a medium distance
or at far distance.
Apply Low Tac transparent masking film, cut out the baby’s pants to be airbrushed, then attach paper and tape around masked area to protect the rest of the drawing from being sprayed. Start airbrushing the pants with the basic colour.
Add details and shadows with markers.
To colour balloons, repeat procedure b. When colouring the balloons, control the airbrush to achieve the right gradation from dark to light
Mask the entire figure including the balloons in preparation to colour the sky
Draw a guide for your clouds; place the drawing over the guide so that the clouds would show through, then start spraying.
The end result can be proudly displayed
Technical Data:
  Airflow Max. Air Pressure Under workload Power Voltage Weight
AC-100 15,8 l/ Minute 5.5 bars > 2.2 bars 0.125 PS 220 V 3.5 kg
AC-88 10 l / Minute 3.0 bars > 1.1 bar 0.1 PS 220/230 V 1.9 kg
Inklusive Verbindungsschlauch (jedoch ohne Air Grip, Marker und Air Adaptor)
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